The brand new Mediberg system for coverinsg the operating field during urological operations with the HoLEP technique, a new and effective surgical procedure for the enucleation of a prostatic adenoma made possible thanks to the use of a Holmium laser. It has been proposed as a valid surgical alternative to both TURP and “open” prostatectomy.

Below are some of the main features of the system designed and manufactured by Mediberg HOLEP HO-RING SYSTEM®:

  • Sub-sacral drape with a large fluid collection bag
  • Mouldable bag with bars and velcro straps for secure attachment
  • Collection bag with filter and drain valve
  • All fluids are collected in the bag
  • The surgeon does not get wet
  • No fluid ends up on the ground
  • Perfect coverage of the operating field
  • Drape equipped with leggings and velcro straps for securing tubes
  • Perineal hole, nitrile finger cot, and suprapubic hole with pre-cut protection
  • Quick and easy set-up of the operating field
  • The bag system also holds large quantities of fluid
  • Flexible and mouldable bars
  • In other urological procedures it can replace the classic TUR drape
  • Many compositions available
  • Possibility of composing customised sets
  • Assistance and training

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