Customer service

Our focus is always on customer service. We are well aware of the needs of healthcare professionals

We understand how difficult it is to combine the demands of increasingly complex healthcare services with the need to ensure high safety standards and keep costs down at the same time. This is why offer our professionalism and experience to understand the needs of healthcare professionals and offer an accurate solution to any technical, organisational and logistical problem.

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New surgical and diagnostic techniques, new surgical and robotic instruments and certain types of latest generation operating tables often require the use of new dedicated drapes. This is why we design and manufacture all types of specialist drapes, surgery sets or custom packs to meet every need. We are constantly researching innovative materials and developing technical and logistical solutions for every need. We always offer a quick and satisfactory response to every request.

Sets and Custom packs

We design and manufacture sets and custom packs for every surgical speciality. Our specialist staff offer all the assistance necessary for the development and monitoring of new products and services.


  •  Custom composition  
  •  Standardisation of operations
  •  Shorter set-up and clean-up times 
  •  Elimination of inefficiencies
  •  Cost reduction and control 
  •  Reduction of contamination risk
  •  Reduction of waste
  •  Registration of a single lot for all components

Mediberg service

The Mediberg Service IT system continuously monitors your needs and frees up your time.

  •  Computerised warehouse management 
  •  Stock replacement 
  •  Arrangement in operating blocks 
  •  Product delivery on scheduled days
  •  Packaging disposal
  •  Reporting