Surgical procedure packs

Mediberg designs and manufactures standard and customised procedure packs

The disposable procedure pack (or custom pack) represents the most advanced frontier in the operating field for carrying out surgeries in complete safety for the patient and guaranteeing customised solutions to every care facility in relation to the specific needs of its surgical teams, as well as optimised use of materials.

For this reason, since December 2014, with the certification of its Quality System under Annex II (Dir. 93/42) replacing the previous Annex V, Mediberg is able to independently design, manufacture and place on the European market even complex medical devices, such as procedure packs consisting of class III medical devices.

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Features of Mediberg procedure packs 

1) Customisation to the needs of individual surgical teams. Each procedure pack can also be upgraded and customised with other items manufactured or marketed by Mediberg such as gauze or non-woven dressings, needles and syringes, extensions and fittings, and any other item deemed useful for optimal performance of the surgery.

2) Technological evolution up to class III. Mediberg procedure packs can contain medical devices up to class III (implantable medical devices, in contact with the central nervous system, etc.).

3) 100% Italian production.

4) Quick planning and market placement. Thanks to the certification under Annex II of Dir 93/42.

5) Packaging solutions suitable to the place of destination. Mass storage or dispenser box for the operating theatre.