Traditional dressings

Ten lines with hundreds of high-quality products aimed at professionals working in the hospital sector, nursing homes and elderly care, designed and manufactured to meet their needs in terms of safety, quality and convenience.

Born as a manufacturer of disposable surgical masks and gauze dressings, Mediberg has always aimed to develop personal care products able to contribute to each patient's well-being on a daily basis.

In the following years, Mediberg, besides implementing new services in line with the needs of its customers, added new production lines to its gauze and non-woven dressings, , including pre-soaped and non-soaped wash mitts, towels and bibs among the most critical lines. It supplemented them with a 'wide range of products for personal care and hygiene such as bandages, adhesive dressings, plasters, bed pads and incontinence pads, manufactured by leading Italian and international companies and distributed by Mediberg nationwide.

All items produced or marketed by Mediberg are designed and manufactured to meet the current needs of professionals  in the hospital sector, nursing homes, and elderly care in terms of safety, quality, and price.

The patient's smile is the greatest reward.